Goals and object of the Association Activities

Goals of the Association are:

  • Coordination of the Association Members activity, aimed at the development of the branch of production, creation and development of the civilized market of the polycarbonate and products made of it in the territory of Russian Federation, improvement of the investment climate, adoption of new technology, effective use of the scientific, technical and economic potential of the Association Members;
  • Supply of the certified polycarbonate of high- quality by means of making and adoption in the territory of Russian Federation of general quality standards of polycarbonate ant product made of it, control of their observance, assistance in expansion of its use in contraction and other branches of industry, improvement of the culture of their use and application, development and adoption of new technologies in this branch;
  • Rendering all-round assistance to the Association Members, representing and protecting of legal rights and interests of the Association Members in the bodies of state power and local authorities, in the public associations and organizations and in the relationship with another domestic and foreign juridical person;
  • participation in the elaborating of the bills, standards, technical regulations and another normative legal documents, seeking to create the optimal conditions for the market development and the branch in general;
  • development of the international cooperation and partnership in the production, sale and application of polycarbonate for the purpose of Russia integration in the world economic community.